Understand the RTP system and the RNG system

The word RTP or abbreviation is Return to Player. Returns that come back to the player. For online slot games, this value is considered the standard of the game. Because it is always displayed on the screen before entering the game. It is a value that measures the value of that game. If you choose to

play slot games just because you want to have fun, it may not matter. But if it’s a long-term investment It can change the amount of money in your account.

• The higher the percentage of RTP, the better. The more players will have the right to win there. In fact, this is due to the average of all plays. It’s not a one-time play.

• Assume that the game you choose to play has a theoretical RTP of 96%, but in actual play 96% of the stake. All assumed may be returned to other players as well, so the numbers may not be exactly what the players calculated.

The RTP system is not a floating number. Because manufacturers need to regularly test through analysing the results that occur in playing slots. and display the result in percentage format. which must be as close to the real game as possible in which slots games in this era must have an RTP of

not less than 95%, absolutely, otherwise it is considered a game that is not of good quality. And it is not suitable for investment because it is taking too much advantage of the players.

The RNG system, full name The Random Number Generator, is a program that generates a series of significant numbers in order to decode and generate a given symbolic pattern. It is used in video slots nowadays in order to make every play you can’t predict in advance what will happen. And it will

never be the same as playing in the past for sure. If you’re really thinking of investing in slot games, don’t keep this doubt in mind. try to understand for future returns

• Every round of the RNG program will not store any data at all, which will allow everyone to play slots games with fun without boredom

• in the system of online slots will not be able to know at all. that Players win big prizes. Or is there any player who has lost? Because each wheel will work independently of each other completely.

In fact, it’s not just a slot game that chooses to use the system. But can also be found in online games around the world in the present day that often use the RNG system to randomize the prize widely. Makes bettors can be confident that this system meets international standards. There is absolutely no cheating going on.