Types of Online Slot Games PART 1

  • Traditional Slot Games (Classic Slot)

    This classic slot is like the origin of the style of playing slots. With a layout designed to have a total of 3 slots, while playing the game, you have to do whatever you want to spin in a row within 1 line

    . Classic 3-reel slots are always popular. With the simplicity of symbols, paylines and high payback rates. make this game Still being followed and being invented and developed to continuously increase playing techniques to win this type of online slots.

    most of the time The symbol used in the form traditional slots will look simple There are eye-catching images such as fruit images, numbers (which are popular with the number 7), bell symbols, and the word “BAR”

    • Trial slot games (DEMO GAMES).

    Slot games that allow players to Try Slots It’s free before placing a bet. It was developed and created to benefit new players. Or those who want to try new games but are afraid of wasting money in vain

    It’s a popular style. And impresses many players very much because it gives players the opportunity to learn and practice themselves. In order to apply techniques and adjust strategies when actually placing bets in playing this DEMO mode, players don’t have to sound a single baht. You can go in and

try it out for free. But the players will not get rewards. If players can play in Trying to play slots is called as a way to practice and get a good experience

• Video slot games (VIDEO GRAPHIC SLOT)

At present, the technology has been developed to be more modern than before. Obviously, whether it is a camera or a communication that can be transmitted through a communication device, etc., makes video slot games happen.

Video slots are modern and very innovative. Because the characters from the movie or various imaginations to create a story within the game to add a feature that is interesting and enjoyment

by video slot format will be designed to have about 5 channels, the game will look dimensional And looks more complicated than 3 slots, the number of Playlines will increase accordingly. It may seem difficult at first, but I will say that it gives the player an opportunity to get rewards that are much easier than before.