If you want to be a millionaire with online roulette gambling games, you have to do this.

Nowadays, there are countless games that have emerged online that allow anyone to play with just a finger press on an app or smartphone. The power student who can be called the ultimate gambling game is inevitable online roulette. Which is a game in which balls run around in the wooden wheel and are brought to decorate the online

world as well, which must be said that gamblers know that knowing that it is fun and exciting how much dance It is no surprise that it is considered one of the top three gambling games with the best payout rates. And for how to play it and how the online roulette game is as good as it is true or not, follow up in this article.


Playing roulette or online roulette, which is a word that has French roots, of course, the origin of this game is definitely from France, and the principle and method of playing it must be said that it is not difficult. You just assume that the dealer will throw the steel ball to where it will fall. Detailed details of the formats that allow to bet, there are many

more. We will continue to explain in the next article and now for the newbies must know that usually in the past, of course, there was no internet. As in the present era, in the first generation of gambling is seen only in general casinos, but with the development of technology and the world, we have stepped into the technology that

has developed severely, online has been developed. Followed by gamblers to be able to bring themselves into becoming a new millionaire easier enough. In another part of how to play online roulette, as it is very easy to see, choosing a pattern is that the steel ball will fall into whichever format as indicated on the betting window and must be wagered.

Before the time runs out, after that, you’ll have to wait and see what number the steel ball will fall into. Having said that, the fun times are caused by these moments and if the iron ball falls according to the betting pattern you have placed then all winnings will automatically show the payout amount on your screen. Instantly along with being able

to allow you to withdraw money from your account and for this reason, roulette has become very popular and popular because of its simple playing system. Later, let’s look at the matter of payouts and types of bet types better. The form of betting and roulette payouts, it must be said that although the way to win is easy, it’s true, but the type of

bets. There are many variations and it is essential that you understand all of them along with knowing the ratio of returns in order to calculate them as a guideline for betting on online roulette. professional There are 10 variations of roulette as follows:


  1. Teng is a selection of bets that jump to one number only, which in the roulette gambling game will consist of numbers 0-36 with this type of bet will pay 1:.36 times the amount bet and Can arrange as many

    numbers as you want But for having a roulette game that can straddle 2 numbers with Only fields with adjacent numbers which you can see from the betting screen The system will clearly show For example, those who can bet with 2 numbers such as 11,12, 23-24,32-33, etc.

    3. Crossing 3 numbers, this is similar to 2 numbers, but for this one, it will be a bet that You have selected in a row with 3 adjacent numbers such as 1-2-3 ,13-14-15,19-20-21 or 31-32-33 etc. The payout ratio is 1: 12

    4. 4 numbers bracket type. For this type of numbers, it is a bet on 4 numbers, where the player must press the money or put the chip on the four corners of the adjacent numbers, such as 4-5-7-8,17-18-20-21,28-29-31-32, etc. If guessing correctly, there will be a payout rate of 1:9

    5. 6 numbers crossed for the body This will be the nature of the player having to place a bet of your choice instead of 6 adjacent numbers such as 1-2-3-4-5-6 ,25-26-27-28-29-. 30, etc., and for the payout odds will be 1:6 of the bet amount.

  2. Row selection is a horizontal row bet, in which playing roulette is divided into 3 rows as well, but each row will consist of different numbers, which if you bet like this, you will have to give the ball. The roulette falls into one of the boxes with the numbers in the line for you to receive your bet. And for the payout ratio will be 1:2 equal to the amount of money you bet

    7. The number 0 in this format is similar to the favorite. That is, if you bet on the roulette turns out to be No. 0, the result came out at the center, you really will get prize money was at stake 36 times the

    8-color This is to select his own child. Roulette stops at any color in which the online gambling game is divided into 2 colors, black and red, and is divided into half numbers. For the payout rate is 1 :1 times the bet amount.

    9. Even-odd type is that the player places bets in the even or odd-numbered slots, where if in the end the iron ball falls to the number that results in the number 0, the dealer will win and The payout rate is 1 :1 of the bet amount.

    10. High-Low type is that roulette players bet in such a way that they choose to bet on only low numbers from 1-18 or high bets from 19-36 and then have The payout ratio is 1 :1 times the bet amount.

    In addition, in this article we will bring a pattern about playing online roulette. We’ve also put together some of the ways you’ll need to play online roulette to get even more profit. what you have to do

    – The website that you choose must be reliable because nowadays online gambling websites that offer roulette games are really many, so you should choose a good and secure website with no history. Cheat where in this section you can browse the website and learn which one is good, how to play it is easy and recommend you to choose the one that has the most reviews and referrals as well as the payout rate of the game. The

important thing is that the system for depositing, withdrawing, transferring money must be fast and verifiable

– you can easily apply for membership in the process of the website, starting from choosing a reliable website, after which you can call. Find a team that is available to serve you 24 hours a day. Fill out all the information and details including a telephone number that can be contacted as well as the account that you have opened to use to deposit funds. Just a few minutes away. Experience playing roulette online easily now.

– And the last step is that you wait for a response from the online gambling website which takes no more than 3 minutes, there will be an SMS or email alerting you, just that you can start betting on the online website now.

And all in this article that we bring to you is how to play online roulette that will lead you on the path to becoming a millionaire in a blink of an eye. Really bet because I have to say that there are a lot of them. The technique of playing it next time, we will

tell in the next article. For this article, we only recommend the basics of playing so that you can practice playing roulette like a pro first.