7 Businesses Worth Investing In 2020 Use Less Budget But Big Profits!

What’s a good business to do in 2020?

For anyone who has this question. We would like to say that a business worth investing in the coming 2020 must be a business that meets the needs and conforms to customer behavior trends only in order to survive and be successful. That’s because customers are more likely to use outlets and businesses that cater to their lifestyle.

So we have 7 interesting businesses to recommend. For anyone thinking of opening a store or doing business in 2020, check out the following store businesses. I can assure you that it will definitely rise.

1. Health-related business.

Health-related business is an interesting business this year. From the food and beverage trends in 2020, it can be seen that more and more customers will turn to health conscious. That is, since the beginning of using new protein species or using plant-based food instead of meat. Have a low-sugar alternative drink. Start to have

more ready-to-eat healthy food. There is also an emphasis on food for the elderly and personalized nutrition.

So, is there any business worth investing in than health-related businesses, right?

You can start capturing the health trend by taking on simple healthcare-related businesses such as selling food and beverages. or open a fitness center and provide health advice We believe that these businesses will be the hottest businesses. trendy market And make no less profit in this year 2020

2. Beauty business

Beauty is never outdated. That’s because people always want to look good. And besides, the beauty business is a business that has always been well received. If you notice carefully, you can see that there are small and large brands popping up non-stop

in the Thai market. Therefore, beauty business is a private business 2020 that modern entrepreneurs should consider.

There is also a study by Euro Monitor 2 years ago found that the food supplement business in Thailand is worth more than 667 billion baht. beauty supplement So it’s no wonder that the beauty business will be a good investment in 2020

Do you think you can start your own beauty business? to create your own cosmetic brand Or starting out as a distributor is considered a good idea at all.

3. Business about the elderly.

will you be surprised If we say that this business is worth investing in 2020, there will be a business related to elderly people that are trending?!
because in addition to having healthy food Food business trends in 2020 also find that there is an increasing emphasis on food for the elderly. In addition, studies have shown

that our country is entering a fully aging society soon, with this group of customers with relatively high purchasing power. They also like to look for healthy products.
Therefore, the business worth investing in the coming 2020 is inevitable from the

business about the elderly. Look for business options like elderly care, food, lifestyle, or recreational activities. It should be worth investing in this year 2020 as well.

4. Mother and baby business.

No matter how many eras or how many eras Parents still have to always find the best for their children. So what better business idea than selling products and services related to mothers and babies, right? Therefore, the interesting business in 2020 will be the business of selling toys to enhance children’s development. or sell items that

enhance your child’s skills. which if you already have a baby Private business that is worth investing in, this one makes a lot of sense.

Try to start by buying toys for your child first. When you see their development You will surely be happy and motivated to do the mother and child business. and if you start a business from your passion You will have the opportunity to manage the shop to be more beautiful. Like the owner of Creatiz, a children’s toy store of various genres, the inspiration for doing business comes from the development of his child as well.

If you’re interested in this mother-and-child business but haven’t had the opportunity to invest yet, 2020 is a great step to start. Because the mother and child products store is another hot business this year.

5. Pet business

Dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and other types of pets are cute little creatures that bring happiness to many people and helps to relax from stress Therefore, many houses have turned to raising these pets more and more.

If you look closely, you can see that almost no house has no pets. And of course, these pet owners are on the lookout for the best pet food and the best quality products for their pets. Therefore, pet business is an interesting business that never goes out of style and is still a business worth investing in 2020.

So if you have a question, “What should I open a shop?” Try to turn to selling pet food and pet supplies such as collars, doghouses, cat condos, cat litter, etc. If you are an animal lover already. It should be easy to catch this interesting business in 2020.

6. Business about online marketing consultants.

It is undeniable that the business worth investing in 2020 is online marketing. Because in an era where digital marketing is hot and online marketing is getting more and more popular like this, only people who catch trends and adapt to trends will survive and have a chance. grow If you already have knowledge and skills in this field Why not

consider it? Let’s find some capital to get started. However, there is definitely a chance to make money!

For example, during the past COVID-19, many shops have to turn to online marketing to reach more customers. You can select this group of target customers and open a course to teach vegetarian.