6 Trends of E-Commerce Business in 2021

The E-Commerce market is growing steadily and it is likely to grow even more. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, online shopping has become one of the most popular online activities, resulting in higher competition in the E-Commerce market.

To keep up with the competition in the E-Commerce market, online stores need to continually keep up with new e-commerce trends. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the E-Commerce business, because if you don’t keep up with the latest trends. You will easily pass away. That is why looking forward is the key to your future success.

Top 6 E-Commerce Business Trends of 2021

1. Mobile Shopping

Mobile commerce is growing steadily. According to Statista, total sales in 2020 were $2.91 trillion and are expected to reach $3.56 trillion by 2021. Additionally, 72.9% of total e-commerce sales. It will be done via mobile by the end of 2021.

Businesses should focus on improving UX for mobile users. To create opportunities for your business

2. The Importance of UX

User experience is a factor that can drive your business forward or destroy it completely. According to UX statistics, 61% of customers will Stop browsing badly designed websites. That is why every penny you invest in UX baht worth it because it links customers to your products

3. Shopping voice (Voice Commerce).

Although voice shopping is in the early stages of development But it will be more popular. And in the next few years, Voice Commerce will be another shopping experience that doesn’t just use images. Instead, customers have to choose the product they want by explaining in a voice what they are looking for.

4. Social Media in Ecommerce


The number of people shopping on social media has increased dramatically with Facebook and Instagram Checkout. Decided to add a “buy” button to social media platforms, it immediately started playing a role in mobile commerce

5. (Environmental Awareness Topics)

Green consumers are becoming more and more popular every day. Nearly half of digital consumers said environmental concerns had influenced purchasing decisions. So it’s time for brands to start paying attention to it.

Today, people are more environmentally aware than ever. Therefore, e-commerce businesses should start adopting sustainable practices. They have to make sure that all practices are environmentally friendly.

6. Artificial Intelligence

Retailers spend a lot of money on AI, and global spending is likely to reach $7.3 billion within the year. 2022 This proves that retailers are willing to invest a lot in the artificial intelligence tools they need to improve their services to their customers, which will give them a competitive edge.

These AI tools include:

6.1 Marketing Software automatic (Ready to create timely offers)

6.2 Chatbots (Can answer customer questions instantly)

AI will play a big role in the next few years. Companies should pay a lot of attention, because AI will be able to understand customer behavior. This will improve customer service.

Technology advances are changing consumer behavior over time. That is why E-Commerce businesses must always evolve with the latest trends. If they want to be successful and satisfy their customers.