6 business ideas worth investing in 2021

Interesting businesses For those who have not yet figured out how What business should I do with little investment after the covid crisis ?

Then let’s go try and choose for yourself. or choose to focus Then explain the details of each business well. Finally, we would like to choose the focus of 6 businesses and explain enough to see the picture. and getting an idea for a start would be better in case it can be applied further.

1. Running a cloud kitchen restaurant business

in 2020 or 2020, we can clearly see that the trends in consumer behavior of the main people have changed. is about food The rate of ordering food through various Delievery Apps is much higher.

The food business is still an interesting business. Because people have to eat, but nowadays we don’t need to open a shop in a good location. The rent is expensive. We can make a Cloud Kitchen or a kitchen that doesn’t need a storefront. no table needed and chairs for customers to sit in

You can open a restaurant anywhere. and go to open a shop online And take orders through the delivery app instead. It’s important that you know who to sell. For example, if selling everyday meal for an office worker The price must be easily accessible. Repeat orders often, delicious, and the restaurant must be in a radius that is

not far from the office granny. so that the shipping cost is not expensive When using the Delivery App service, your shop will be in the alley. in any niche and can expand branches to other areas easily, low cost

Another type of food that is very popular during COVID is luxury food that is only sold through online channels. This makes the cost lower than opening a storefront. As a result, customers can eat food at a luxury hotel level, good grade Wagyu meat at a price that is easier to access.


using their own expertise

For those who do not know What’s a good business to do? .. If you have knowledge or aptitude on one side You can start a service business on your own. Or you can help a close friend to do it together. Of course, very little investment Because the cost of this business is service provider time, for

example, if you’re doing accounting. may be accounted for Start a small accounting office at a low price as an alternative to many Businesses that may want to cut costs during COVID or if you can design a graphic design Can accept various design work such as designing posts on Social Media or websites etc.

Getting started may start with opening a Facebook Page or opening a website. (If you can do it yourself or have enough budget) and build it to be reliable. Then go advertise yourself. Let people close to you give advice. Or if anyone wants to start easily in the

form of Freelance, then you can go to fastwork.co and when you start to have customers. Gradually start to open a website as well.

3. Business selling knowledge.

If anyone has knowledge or aptitude but doesn’t like the service You can try to choose to sell knowledge, such as making eBooks, opening seminars, doing training, etc.

doing business like this Depends on your own credibility. especially in this era You have to love being in front of the camera quite a bit. Because it will help this business to be more successful. For example, maybe open a Facebook Page or YouTube and start making educational videos. about what you specialize in which must be calm Because I

can tell you that it won’t be a hit in the first few clips (unless you’re lucky), so be patient and do it regularly. keep adjusting Collect information about what viewers like. and try to get people to see it again This will create a good follower base.

When audiences begin to believe in our knowledge, selling eBooks or courses. whether online or offline seems more likely.


  1. Selling products related to health and beauty,

    health and beauty is still a matter of many people. And it’s a fairly interesting business. no matter what It needs some maintenance, more or less. Especially the research results that we have presented in the article. business mix online-offline To drive business during COVID-19, it said that 78% of consumers have become addicted to the

brands they used before. because there is less budget for spending and when people spend less Of course, you need to find new options for health and beauty care at a good price and good quality.

This is an opportunity for new brands to can occur during this period and vying for market share from the original brand However, you must first look at which market you are going to penetrate, what products are supplements, cosmetics or skin care products, and which brands dominate the market? If you make products to sell How will

your product stand out, will it be cheaper, and what are the factors that drive customers to switch or switch to your brand?

This business, if you start your own brand, may invest a lot. And there is a high risk because the competition is very high. There are many successful people. And there are a lot of bad people as well. We recommend studying the customer group carefully. Maybe try doing some simple research first to know what problems customers still have

at the same brand. can’t help solve the problem Then we go to penetrate the market there.

5. Elderly care business.

in 2020, 2021 and beyond. This business will have more demands. It is one of the businesses worth investing in 2021 because this business is already the main trend in Thailand since we are entering the Aging Society. It must raise the issue of cleanliness. and cleanliness management including screening for pathogens from the elderly and

relatives who came to visit by having to build confidence with relatives and the elderly who use the service Although this business seems to require a lot of investment. But there are still options for those who want to start with a small capital first.

The key to this business is attention to service. and maintaining the old customer base Because if customers are impressed, they will use the service for a long time. and there is a very high chance that the customer will tell Because of this service, Word of Mouth

is important. Because it is a service related to life. Each person will try to reduce the risk by asking for opinions from those close to them.

Who wants to start small that do not require a lot of investment May start from home service first, for example, may find a team and prepare training Then do a business to provide services to care for the elderly at home. Maybe go in the morning and come

back. Or maybe it’s going to take care of it from time to time. when no one is home or when taking the elderly to the hospital, etc.

The elderly care business is highly competitive. It is recommended to try SWOT to analyze competitors. And the potential of our business first by SWOT Analysis is a tool that will help you to see the overview of the market, our weaknesses and strengths well.

6. Dropship Business

Dropship is not difficult in the process. But it may be difficult to choose which products to sell. And profitable enough for us to live, which Dropship business is suitable for those who want to sell online and have some knowledge of online

Dropship is a small investment business. You just need to find a source to sell products. Then bring it to market or sell on various eCommerce, which if someone orders a product. You just need to contact the source of the product that you have dealt with. to deliver goods to customers And then you eat the difference over there. The products

may be found from various websites such as AliExpress or can be found in the wholesale market in Thailand itself. The heart is Remember what to sell, who to sell, and where to sell.

The good thing is that you can modify the product as you like. Suitable for newbies who want to try first, with low capital and low risk tolerance. such as being born suddenly Another outbreak occurred. You won’t get hurt at all. They can also change the product to get into the situation quickly.

From the 6 ideas I have shared, I hope that I can see that. What business should I do in 2021, and what business is worth investing in? If you choose not to invest at all, or keep cash wait for a better time It might not be wrong either. Try to study your readiness before starting to invest.