10 businesses worth investing in 2022/2022, know first, go first, make money first

in the midst of the COVID- 19 crisis that has threatened the world for almost 2 full years, causing a lot of changes. both in terms of lifestyle and work It is true that in terms of working, when technology is more advanced. Many work patterns will inevitably change. But still, because of the advent of COVID-19 That is the catalyst for

the change to happen faster, which of course will affect many businesses that need to adjust themselves and create new business trends that are more interesting. And here are 10 businesses worth investing in 2022/2022 that we have compiled to give you an introductory guide.

1. Businesses related to 5G technology development.

Changes in daily life and work after the arrival of COVID-19 This will further drive the development and growth of 5G technology to support the demand for high-speed Internet services. When working does not mean having to sit and work in the office alone. The need for the Internet to be able to work anywhere is even more demanding

combined with more digital transactions. Businesses related to the development of 5G technology will be the ones that will benefit from the positive impact of this change. and when combined with the development of various intelligent systems Under the concept of Internet of Thing, smart home technologies or applications that will help

facilitate the daily life that grow with the development of 5G will also benefit. Follow up as well.

2. Businesses related to teleconferencing and video conferencing.

from the outbreak of COVID-19 that drives the work style to change When people do not need to sit and work concentrated in the same place. Communication and video conferencing technologies are on the rise. We can see that there is an increasing number of teleconferencing application service providers and even traditional social

media providers are adding meeting-related services. more distance Of course, in the future there will be more competition in this business to try to meet the changing work demands.

3. Businesses related to online education and distance learning.

Online learning in the past may not have been very popular. But there are also some in the form of short seminars that don’t last long. But when the COVID-19 outbreak that even changes the educational model different educational institutions Having to adjust teaching to go online more and eventually the world is starting to realize that even

teaching can adapt to the online era as well. Businesses involved in online education and teaching distance is gradually getting popular more and have developed a platform that aims to meet the needs of education in the future

4. Business-related technologies. VR and AR

Indeed, businesses involved in the adoption of VR and AR technologies are increasingly being developed as part of delivering a more hands-on experience to customers in different businesses. that simulates what customers want their customers to see before they decide to implement it. But still, with the development of different technologies As

the future advances, AR and VR technologies will become even more interesting businesses in the future. Because in addition to consumers in the general public who want to get a good experience in the business itself, the use of VR and AR will be able to increase both sales. And in the production line as well.

5. Environmentally conscious business.

It is undeniable that today, some people are increasingly focusing on business and environmentally-friendly products. which is not only business related to consumer goods only Even with businesses in the consumer goods sector such as cars we are starting to see the use of electricity as the main fuel being developed and appearing to

the world more and more. In addition, in the business of recycling products organic food Eco-friendly products and services remain an unfathomable trend. As the new generation of consumers pay more attention to environmental protection than ever before.

6. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology Business

AI technology is another technology that has been used to increase the efficiency of many businesses and even more as internet speed technology has been developed. Businesses involved in the development of AI, it will be even stronger because the AI

will be used to replace humans in many sectors of the functionality that businesses AI to a Business Watch is very much in the future

7.Cloud service-related

business Cloud service business is another business that is very interesting to watch. Due to today’s lifestyles have changed to become more online. The huge amount of information in the online world requires someone to help manage this information. whether it is processing and storing data In the future, cloud service providers will play

a very important role in the development of all kinds of online-related technologies in everyday life.

8. Mobile online commerce

There are several online commerce platforms on social media and marketplaces. Still, with the development of smart devices, we can access the Internet anywhere and at any time. Making online commerce needs to take into account the smart device as well.

Any application, market place or even a website that is smartphone-friendly can generate sales.